My Business Plan

3 Mar

Wow – I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last wrote!  Time sure flies when you’re having fun (being busy!). 

... complete with original art ...

Here’s my business plan.  I finished it – which in itself is a miracle for me, I can spend from morning until night creating art and craft, but try to get me to sit down and write a plan and you have a fight on your hands.  However, after procrastinating for many years, talking about taking my art to the next level, I finally gave in to the realization that I have to get focussed to achieve my dream – and that does mean creating a business plan.

My first top tip would be to get yourself a mentor – someone you trust to be honest, but not a dream-killer.  Someone you don’t mind sharing your goals and dreams with.  I’m lucky that my husband Duncan was happy to fulfil this role, and we’ve agreed to have a ‘mentor meeting’ at the end of every month so that I can keep myself accountable and remind myself of my actions and plans.

Oh yes – you need to make an action list after you’ve worked through your plan – it’s no good having a road map if you don’t make moves to get to your destination.  Put a date on them too – you can always change it if you realize your timings were a bit unrealistic. 

The main points I’ve put in my plan are:

  • What am I in business for?  (summarize your goals)
  • SWOT analysis – what are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your business?
  • Training plan for myself – and any future team members
  • Marketing plan – very important – how will you make your business work if no-one knows about you?
  • Financial budget – didn’t like talking about this one – another issue I have to get over!
  • Key Performance Indicators – the wonderful KPI’s – keeping score of how well you’re doing
  • Action Plan – as mentioned above, making the commitment to move towards your goal with a timeline

I’ll cover each point in future posts as I come to work on them myself.

Most important for me though, was to add my mission statement right at the start of the business plan, and I’m happy to share it here:

“Create for Life inspires people to embrace their innate creativity by encouraging them to be creative and finding their authentic voice in a relaxing, nurturing and non-threatening way.  Create for Life – Enrich your Life …”

The business plan won’t make me a boring, starchy, corporate type – I’ll still be a slightly eccentric, artistic creative – but a more focussed one – with a road map!


Setting my intention

2 Feb

This is my part of cyberspace where I can unload worries, share successes and other stuff, post links and document my journey towards achieving my dream of becoming a working artist and businesswoman.  The title says it all – act as if I am already that businesswoman – I am already an artist!  Now it’s time to combine the two … 

My business plan in progress - step 1 along the journey